Pre-School Consultation

Broadway First School provides a happy, caring environment where pupils thrive and make good progress. We currently cater for children from Reception to Year Five and offer Wraparound Care from half seven until half five each day. We are now looking to extend this provision to children from the age of three.
The reason we are consulting on having a pre-school is because Broadway has traditionally had two pre-schools serving the village and one of these was closed last summer. Consequently, some parents now take their children to providers in Evesham. We are looking at how we may provide additional pre-school provision for parents.
We would welcome your views on opening a pre-school as part of our school. It would consist of 8 places per session, and would form part of an Early Years Class where children from the age of 3 to 5 would work together. A session would be a morning or afternoon. Lunchtimes and wraparound club would also be available to these children, providing support for working parents during term time. Wraparound Club opens at half past seven and closes at half past five.
This would mean that children in pre-school and Reception would work together in Class One. There would be an additional member of staff in the Foundation Class to support the pre-school children. The rest of the school would then be organised in relation to pupil numbers. For example, if we had a pre-school next year one way of organising the classes would be:
Class One – Pre-School and Reception
Class Two – Year One and part of Year Two
Class Three – Part of Year Two and Year Three
Class Four – Year Four and Year Five
This does not mean that the year groups will always be organised this way, it depends on the numbers per year group. However, Class One will remain a Foundation Stage Class (pre-school and Reception) only.
Parents who chose to use places in the pre-school would be able to select the provision in the same way that private pre-schools work with regards to free sessions and additional sessions that have to be purchased. Provision for lunch times and Wraparound Club would also be available for them.
We would very much like to hear your thoughts on this proposal. Please let us know your thoughts by Monday 14th May.

Please let us know your thoughts by the 14th May by returning the form or emailing your views to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pre-School Consultation

Upcoming Events

  • 14 Dec
    Christmas Service (Nativity) at St Michael's Church 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM

    Parents are welcome to attend the service and asked to collect their child directly from the Church. Only children who are in WAC or attending gymnastics will be escorted back to school .

  • 17 Dec
    Lempen Theatre Puppet Show for Whole School 09:30 AM to 11:30 AM

    Kindly paid for by Friends

  • 19 Dec
    Magical Reading Experience/Non-uniform reward All Day

    If children have gained enough reads (evidenced by their Reading Records) they will be given a certificate the end of the week before to let them know if they will be taking part in a magical reading experience and/or coming into school in non-uniform as a reward.

  • 14 Dec - 20 Dec
  • 20 Dec - 21 Dec