Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Broadway First School will be closed until further notice. If you believe you are a critical worker then please contact the school in advance.


The PM call is for a

“heroic and collective national effort”

to follow social distancing

As of Sunday 22nd March:

281 people have died

over 5,000 confirmed cases

Please Help Broadway to crush the Covid-19 and stop the numbers rising

Make School a last resort

Don’t use us unless you absolutely have to.

Find a safer alternative to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.




Upcoming Events

  • 01 Sep
    TE DAY All Day

    School closed to pupils

  • 02 Sep
    Autumn Term Commences All Day

  • 09 Sep
    TE Day (2) All Day

  • 01 Sep - 10 Sep
  • 28 Sep - 03 Nov
  • 18 Dec - 19 Dec