National Numeracy Day took place on Wednesday 19th May 2021. 

All of our classes took part in this and the day involved lots of maths linked activities across a range of subjects. These included lots of measuring and number work for baking in Class 1. In Class 2, they used a book called Lifesize, which was all about different sized animals. They used this to compare themselves to the size of animals. Class 3 focussed on capacity then data linked to their computing work. They even created maths raps to link to their English work. Finally, Class 4 created line graphs to show how their vegetables had been growing and linked their poetry work to maths. We also sent questions to employees from international auditors, KPMG to let us know how maths is used in the real world and in everyday jobs.


Class 3 measuring volume in Science

Upcoming Events

  • 30 Jun
    Transition Day All Day

    All Year 5 children will go to their new school for the day. All chidlren in school will spend the day in the class they will be in, in September 2021. Please note parents of Year 5 children are responsible for getting their child to and from their new school.

  • 20 Jul
    End of Summer Term & Academic Year All Day

  • 21 Jul
    TE Day (5) All Day