Space Seeds

Breaking news! We have just received our Rocket Science Pack which contained some seeds that have been on the International Space Station (ISS) with Tim Peake. Last month, Commander Scott Kelly of NASA and Russian cosmonauts (Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov of Roscosmos) landed safely back on Earth in Kazakhstan with the seeds. The seeds then travelled with Scott Kelly to NASA in Houston and returned to the UK.

Mrs Bull is leading this very exciting national experiment where we have to measure and count the rocket seedlings over the next 6 weeks. Every child has had the opportunity to get involved in this experiment and has planted a seed. We have received two packets of seeds, one of which has been on the ISS as well as one which has not. We will be tracking the differences between the two sets of seeds. We will give you further updates!

Upcoming Events

  • 25 Oct
    Half Term Break 09:00 AM to 03:30 PM

  • 05 Nov
    Non-uniform Day for All All Day

    All children are invited to come into school in non-uniform in exchange for a tombola prize for the Friends stall at the late night Christmas Shopping Evenings.

  • 12 Nov
    Friends Cake Sale 03:15 PM to 03:45 PM

    Friends will be holding their monthly cake sale by the bike racks. All small cakes 50p, larger cakes individually priced. Please come along to support this.

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