The use of the internet is a prominent part of working and social life for many adults (and to some degree, children).  In many areas, technology is transforming the way that children and young people learn and are taught.  At home, technology is changing the way children and young people live and the activities in which they choose to partake; these trends are set to continue.  Whilst an essential tool, the internet brings its own risks; and staff of Broadway First School are committed to equipping children to foresee, and have strategies for, these dangers as appropriate.  This policy lists some of the known dangers and the strategies school uses to help children and families with these.

While developing technology brings many opportunities, it also brings risks and potential dangers of which these are just a few:

  • Access to illegal, harmful or inappropriate images or other content
  • Allowing or seeking unauthorised access to personal information
  • Allowing or seeking unauthorised access to private data, including financial data
  • The risk of being subject to grooming by those with whom they make contact on the internet.
  • The sharing / distribution of personal images without an individual’s consent or knowledge
  • Inappropriate communication / contact with others, including strangers
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Access to unsuitable video / internet games
  • An inability to evaluate the quality, accuracy and relevance of information on the internet
  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement
  • Illegal downloading of music or video files

E-safety Policy - October 2018

Upcoming Events

  • 23 Jan
    Class 4 (Himalayas) Family Lunch for Mum 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

    If mums are unable to attend another family member is welcome to come along.

  • 07 Feb
    Magical Reading Experience /Non-Uniform Day All Day

    If children have gained enough reads (proven by their Reading Record) and have a certificate they can EITHER come in non-uniform or have a forest school session. This will be clear from the certificate they receive prior to the day.

  • 14 Feb
    End of Half Term All Day

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  • 24 Feb - 02 Mar
  • 03 Mar - 05 Mar
  • 25 Mar - 27 Mar
  • 31 Mar - 03 Apr
  • 04 Apr - 02 May
  • 29 Apr - 02 May
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