Who Are The Best People To Talk To?

Who are the best people to talk to in this school about my child’s difficulties with learning/ Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND)

StaffSummary of Responsibility

Tessa Browning

The areas of responsibility for the SENCo includes:

  • The day to day running of the school’s SEND policy;
  • Liaising with and advising fellow staff including support staff;
  • Co-ordinating provision for children with SEND;
  • Maintaining the schools SEND register;
  • Monitoring the progress of all pupils with SEND (IPMs);
  • Liaising with parents with children with SEND;
  • Contributing to the in-service training of staff, and liaising with external agencies;
  • Meeting with the SEND governor.
Class Teacher

They are responsible for:

  • Providing a differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of all learners;
  • Ensuring that all children have access to good/outstanding teaching;
  • Identifying pupils with SEND so that early intervention can be implemented;
  • Liaising with parents and SENCo;
  • Drawing up and implementing pupils individual education plans with SENCo;
  • Attending pupil review meetings when possible;
  • Planning for learning support assistants to work with the children;
  • Ensuring that the school's SEND policy is followed in their classroom.
Tessa Browning

She is responsible for:

  • The day to day management of all aspects of the school, this includes the support for children with SEND and/or disabilities.
  • She will give responsibility to the SENCo and class teachers but is still responsible for ensuring that your child’s needs are met.
  • She must make sure that the Governing Body is kept up to date about any issues in the school relating to SEND.
SEND Governors
Joan Reading

They are responsible for:

  • Making sure that the school has an up to date SEND Policy.
  • Making sure that the school has appropriate provision and has made necessary adaptations to meet the needs of all children in the school.
  • Making sure that the necessary support is made for any child who attends the school who has SEND and/or disabilities.
  • Liaising with SENCo to understand and monitor the support given to children with SEND in the school and to ensure your child achieves his/her potential in school.
Learning Support Assistant (LSA) / Teaching Assistant (TA)

Learning support staff can assist the class teacher in delivering work for specific children or small groups of children with special needs.  This programme will be planned by the class teacher for the learning support assistant staff, with specific guidelines for delivery of the work. The children may be withdrawn from the classroom setting with the learning support assistant if necessary.

Learning support staff are responsible for providing feeding back to the teacher about the child's progress and about any concerns.

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