Performance Tables - Summer 2019

Due to Covid-19, no further statutory assessments have taken place since summer 2019. Therefore, these results will not change until a new set of results can be shared. 


Reception (1 child = 10%)

70% of our reception children achieved a good level of development by the end of the year.  This was in line with national average (72%) as the difference is less than one child.

Year One Phonics Check (1 child = 5.55%)

There were 18 children in Year One.  67% of our children passed, compared to a national average of 82%.  This means this cohort fell below the national average.

Key Stage One (1 child = 4.76%)

Children are graded as working towards the expected standard, at the expected standard or working with greater depth (above the expected standard).

A statistical difference is the difference of one child or more (4.76%).  Therefore the table is coloured to the following key:

Broadway First School’s results are:
In line with national average
Better than the national average

Reading Writing Maths Reading, Writing and Maths
Expected or above Greater Depth Expected or above Greater Depth Expected or above Greater Depth Expected or above Greater Depth
National 75% 25% 69% 15% 76% 22% 65% 11%
School 86% 29.% 81% 19% 86% 29% 76% 19%


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