Welcome to Panda Class


Welcome to Panda Class. We are a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. Our teacher is Miss Pearson and on Friday afternoons, Mrs Dudfield teaches us RE and SMSC.  Miss Boulton and Mrs Bannister are our fabulous teaching assistants. 


A piece of either Maths or English homework goes out once a week on a Friday and is due in the following Friday

Spellings for the week are also sent home on a Fridayto learn before their spelling test the following Friday. Please help your child with their practise. 

Regular reading is invaluable for children. We encourage the children to take their school reading books home and to read to an adult each night. This reading practise must be recorded in their reading records so that they can receive a Dojo point. Once your child is confident with their book, they can then take their quiz on Accelerated Reader. https://ukhosted49.renlearn.co.uk/2250969/


In English, we have used the text Empire's End, by Leila Rasheed, to inspire our writing. We looked at the opening of the story and used this to help write our own opening to an adventure text. We have also written fantastic poetry, including list poems and rhyming poems! Our next writing unit will see us write newspaper articles.  


We started the year exploring the place value of 3-digit and 4-digit numbers. We have also looked at the 4 operations and we are developing our fluency with these. 

 In school we regularly practise our times tables.

Year 3 pupils should know their 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x, 8x.

Year 4 pupils should know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12.

Everyone in Year 3 and 4 has an account for timestables.co.uk. Each time you practice your times tables on timestables.co.uk, you earn a medal. I wonder how many you can collect?

Timestables.co.uk: https://www.timestables.co.uk/games/ 


Chariot Champions

Our first topic this year was called 'Chariot Champions'. During this topic, we have learned all about the Romans, who they are and the impact they had on Britain after their invasion. Here we are on our Roman dress up day, posing as Roman Emperors and soldiers!

IMG 0563

Extreme Earth

Our next topic was Geography based and it was called Extreme Earth! Throughout this unit, we identified where and why volcanoes and earthquakes occur, before moving on to explore different biomes found in North and South America. 


Raiders and Traders

Our current topic is History based and it is called Raiders and Traders! Throughout this unit, we will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons, including; where they came from, why they invaded Britain, and Anglo-Saxon life. As part of our Inspire workshop, we made Anglo-Saxon boats with our parents. It was a fun morning! Explore our Topic fact sheet to find out more...

IMG 25651

Our Topic fact sheets give you some more information about what we will be covering throughout the topic. They can be seen here: 

Topic Fact Sheet 1 - Chariot Champions

Topic Fact Sheet 2 - Extreme Earth

Topic fact sheet 3 - Raiders and Traders



Our first Science unit this year was Living things and their habitats. During this unit, we grouped living things in different ways and described how changes to an environment could endanger living things.

We have also learnt about Forces and Magnets, exploring how different objects move on different surfaces, predicting whether a magnet will attract or repel other objects.  Our new Science unit is Plants. Throughout this unit, we will also be developing our knowledge of plant life cycles as well as developing our working scientifically skills. 


Our PE lessons this term are Dance. Our PE lessons take place on Wednesday afternoons with Miss Jones. On Thursdays, Year 3 will go to Forest School and Year 4 will have an extra PE lesson.  Please ensure a fully labelled PE kit is in school on this days. 

Upcoming Events

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    Football Cluster Event for Years 3 & 4 and 4 & 5 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

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    End of Spring Term All Day

  • 17 Apr
    Summer Term Commences All Day

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