Thematic Plan

Our curriculum is structured into up to 6 themes per year per class.  The table below shows the areas of learning for each class during this academic year.

Key Stage One

Reception children (who follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework) and Key Stage One children (children in Years One and Two who follow the National Curriculum) will have the following themes for their work each term.  They are similar to allow classes to work together on joint ventures, for example, trips.

Year One have swimming lessons in the Autumn Term.

Please note that the classes have names each year.  The School Council have eelect the theme.   During induction activities the class then agrees what they want to be called.   Whilst documents use numbers, the children use class names.  

Our Learning Journey

Each topic will be taught for up to ten weeks, to also thorough coverage of each theme.


Theme One

Theme Two

Theme Three

Theme Four

Theme Five

Rotation A

Toys: Would our grandparents play with a Wii? 


Different cultures at Christmas:

Is Christmas the same for all of us?

Florence Nightingale: Why do we have hospitals?

Oceans, Seas and Continents 

Why is Earth called the Blue Planet?

Islands (Katie Morag) 

What is it liked to be shipwrecked?

Rotation B


Great Fire of London 

What can we learn from Samuel Pepys?


Christmas around the world 

Is Christmas the same for all of us?

Weather Experts 

Can a meerkat live in the north pole?

Broadway and British Isles. 

What makes us British?


Children in Key Stage Two (Years 3, 4 and 5) following a three year rolling programme of topics.  The topic is the same in all KS2 classes to ensure that split year groups have equality of opportunity and to enable classes to work together on joint ventures, such as trips.

Years Three and Four have swimming lessons in the Autumn Term.

  Autumn First Half Autumn Second Half Term Spring First Half Term Spring Second Half Term Summer First Half Term Summer Second Half Term

Cycle A



Ancient Egypt


Crime and Punishment

Cycle B




World’s Kitchen

Extreme Climates

Cycle C






We use Focus Education for key statemenst for learning for our foundation subjects, Discover RE for RE and we use both Jolly Phonics and Phonics Bug for phonics.  When children are ready, we use Accelerated Reader to ensure that books closely match their reading abilities and that they are challenged. 


Upcoming Events

  • 16 Jul
    Year 5 Main Games at Fladbury All Day

  • 17 Jul
    Leaver's BBQ & Rounders 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM

  • 18 Jul
    Broadway Tower Walk & Picnic for Whole School All Day

  • 16 Jul - 19 Jul
  • 20 Jul - 05 Sep
  • 25 Oct - 22 Dec