Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is currently undergoing sweeping changes to ensure it is suited to the needs of our chldren. We have consulted with parents, staff and children so that we can get it right. Watch this space as it continues to develop. 


Curriculum Intent

Broadway First School aims to provide the opportunities for our children to develop the essential knowledge, skills and values to prepare them for the next stage in their education, reach their potential and ultimately succeed within their community and the wider world. We deliver a broad curriculum that seeks to build on prior learning through inspiring and relevant topics that offer enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom that give meaning to learning and connect it to previous experiences.

The children’s personal development is important to us. A strong commitment to our school’s values promote and develop independence and an enthusiasm for learning while reflecting life in modern day Britain. Our curriculum offers our children the chance to develop their speaking and listening skills through promoting the use of rich vocabulary. We truly believe that all children are able to access the opportunities we can offer and achieve the very best they can.

Our curriculum will allow children to:

  • Develop learning opportunities beyond the classroom by exploring Broadway and the surrounding areas and how they fit into the UK and the wider world.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges that living in a rural county present.
  • Make connections to previous learning and future choices.
  • Be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills required for the next step in their education.
  • Display positive values that engender resilience, togetherness, respect, pride and ambition so that children can take responsibility for themselves and increase their awareness of the actions and beliefs of others.



Early Years Foundation Stage


All children in pre-school or reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework).Phonics is delivered through a combination of the Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds schemes of work. 

Overview of the EYFS Curriculum here

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 follow the National Curriculum.  Our curriculum is tailored to meet these standards in an enjoyable and accessible way for all of our children.


All children at our school follow a mastery approach to maths developed by White Rose Maths. A Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract approach is used to deepen children's understanding. 

Concrete - Children use a range of apparatus such as Numicon, counters, number rods, beads to deepen their understanding of new concepts. 

Pictorial - Children develop their understanding by using images to represent numbers and concepts to help them reason and problem solve.

Abstract - Children use both concrete and pictorial representations to solve maths problems in abstract situations to show deeper learning and mastery. 

Overview of Maths Curriculum here

Calculation Policy 2019 here



Children contniue phonics until the end of Year 1 when a national screening will take place. It is expected that children will have attained the required level at this point. Some children may need additonal phonics work after they have left Year 1. 

During the first two years at school, children usually follow our banded book scheme linked to their phonic ability. During Year 2, most children will join the Accelerated Reading scheme. Children will read a book from their band and be required to answer an online quiz to assess their comprehension before a new book can be read. 

English is taught through a range of different genres based around fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) is delivered within these genres as features are developed. Children are expected to have written a final piece by the end of each unit to showcase their new and developed skills.

Overview of Class 2 English Curriculum here

Overview of Class 3 English Curriculum here

Overview of Class 4 English Curriculum here


We follow a thorough scheme that enables children access to all areas of the computing curriculum. We also montor e-safety closely with a robust filtering system and screen capture system in place. Children receive e-safety lessons half-termly and are taught how they are kept safe at school. Sometimes, the topics are swapped from one term to another to fit alongside a particular topic.

Overview of Computing/E-safety Curriculum here


Themed Curriculum 

The rest of our curriculum subjects are themed around a topic where appropriate. Topics are usually a history or geography based theme and other subjects are delivered alongside it, making links wherever possible.  


Topic Overview here







Upcoming Events

  • 17 Jun
    Induction Meeting for New Year R Parents 05:30 PM to 06:15 PM

    Parents of children starting with us in Reception are invited to an induction meeting with staff from Class One.

  • 03 Jul
    School Reports out All Day

  • 13 Jul
    2nd Transition Day All Day

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  • 14 Jul - 18 Jul
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