Tiger Class (Year 4 and Year 5)


Welcome to Tiger Class!

Mrs McCorrie is our Year 4/5 teacher. Mrs Clements works with us 2 mornings per week and Miss Boulton works with us for 2 days per week.

On a Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Dudfield teaches us RE and SMSC.


Maths and English homework will alternate each week; it is set on a Thursday and due in on the following Thursday. It will be sent home in work books. Each week, we will bring home spellings to practise once we have learnt a new spelling rule in school. Our spelling tests will also be on Thursdays.

Please help your child with their practise at home. Here are some games you might like to try: https://www.spellingtraining.com/

We greatly encourage regular reading and ask that children read every night and make an entry in their reading record. If this is done independently, it should also be signed by a parent/guardian. You can also take reading quizzes at home: https://ukhosted49.renlearn.co.uk/2250969/default.aspx

There will also be one piece of homework for each topic (roughly once every 10 weeks) which can be found on the topic fact sheet (below).


In English, we are going to begin our Romans topic by writing diary entries. We will then move onto writing instructions about our Roman catapults.


In maths, we will be looking at the place value of different numbers (ordering, comparing and rounding them). Year 4 will be looking at 4-digit numbers whilst Year 5 look at numbers up to 1,000,000.

We will also be practising our times tables regularly, ready for the statutory Year 4 times tables test; please practise them at home as well. Year 4 pupils should know all of their times tables (up to 12 x 12). There are lots of games and challenges that can be found on www.timestables.co.uk to help get quicker at answering questions. All of KS2 have a login for this website which will record their progress as they complete medals and trophies.


Or first topic is called Chariot Champions. We will be looking at useful Roman inventions, the differences between how the rich and poor Romans lived and Roman pottery.

Here is our topic sheet. It gives information about what we will be covering during the topic as well as the key questions and homework tasks:

Romans topic fact sheet


Our first science unit this year is Living things and their habitats. We will be learning how to classify different animals, what makes a good habitat, how animals are suited to their habitats and which environmental factors could endanger these.


We are very lucky to have a new specialist PE coach working with us each Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their labelled PE kit with them in school on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Year 4 will be going swimming each Thursday; please ensure you have a fully labelled kit in a named bag each Thursday (starting from 22nd September for 10 weeks).

Year 5 will be taking part in forest school this half term, starting on Friday 16th September. Please ensure they bring suitable outdoor clothing and shoes (for all weathers). 



Upcoming Events

  • 28 Sep
    Time Lock Photography in School 08:45 AM to 11:30 AM

    All children will be having individual and siblings photographs taken by Timelock Photography. Orders to be made online.

  • 29 Sep
    Swimming for Years 3 & 4 Week 2 01:30 PM to 02:30 PM

  • 04 Oct
    Inspire Workshop Class 1 - Tree Frogs 09:00 AM to 09:30 AM

    One adult for each child in Class 1 is invited to come in and take part in a fun activity with their child. This could be an experiment, an art or craft activity or who knows?!!

  • 28 Sep - 04 Oct
  • 06 Oct - 10 Oct
  • 11 Oct - 13 Oct
  • 19 Oct - 22 Oct
  • 31 Oct - 04 Nov
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