Welcome to Koala Class!
Koalas are based in Class 2 and we are a mixed group of Year 1 and 2.

Our teacher is:

                 Miss Kerby                 

Our brilliant teaching assistants are:

Miss Lawes


Miss Ballard

On one afternoon per week, we will welcome Mrs Dudfield into Koala Class to teach RE and SMSC.

Our first topic of the year is called:

'Through My Window'

 Throughout this topic, we will be learning all about our local area as well as the United Kingdom's four countries and capital cities. We will be thinking about what facilities there are in Broadway and how this may be differ compared to smaller and larger places in the United Kingdom. We will also consider how our local area has changed over time and why. Please click on the link below to access our topic map for this term which includes key questions, key vocabulary and homework tasks to choose from.

Through My Window Topic Map

This term in...
Maths: We will begin the year by developing and securing our understanding of place value. Year 1 will be exploring place value within 10 and deepening their knowledge by counting and sorting objects and shapes, counting both forwards and backwards, recognising numbers as digits and words, finding more than and less than and comparing numbers and groups of objects. Year 2 will be securing their understanding of numbers to 20 and will then move on to place value within 100. They will be learning to recognise tens and ones in 2-digit numbers by partitioning and using objects to sort, compare and order. Year 2s will then move on to using number lines to 100. After securing this knowledge, they will begin to count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.
English: In Key Stage 1, we ensure that children's early reading has the best possible start by using the Read, Write, Inc. programme to teach our lessons. This means that all children are taught all of the sounds and letters they need to read, write and spell. All children's progress is carefully monitored so that both teachers and parents understand how their children are getting on and whether they need to move onto the next step or perhaps need some extra support. Everyday at 10.45am, children will be working in their phonics groups with their adult for one hour. Children will move in and out of groups and work with different adults as they progress through the sequence of learning. Once children have completed the RWI programme, they will take part in English lessons with Miss Kerby where the focus of the lessons will be around a high quality text and developing their reading and writing skills further. If you would like to find out more about Read, Write, Inc. there are some links below to some very useful documents designed to inform and support parents. 
Science: We will be learning all about plants and how they grow. We are going to be learning the basic parts of plants and trees and understand the life cycle of a plant. Koala Class will become real scientists when we grow our own plants and find out what they need to grow by observing them closely as they change.
PE: PE will take place on a Thursday and Friday afternoon. On Thursday, Koalas will be taught by our PE coach and this will be focussed on developing ball skills and taking part in team games. On a Friday afternoon, we will be inside and focussing on gymnastics. Please make sure your child has a full, named PE kit.
Information about homework: We will be handing out homework once a week on a Wednesday afternoon and the expectation is that the homework will be completed and returned by the following Wednesday morning. Koalas will be recieving Maths and English homework and this will alternate each week. All children will have an English homework book and a Maths homework book where work will be stuck in and sent home.

Useful RWI links:

Upcoming Events

  • 28 Sep
    Time Lock Photography in School 08:45 AM to 11:30 AM

    All children will be having individual and siblings photographs taken by Timelock Photography. Orders to be made online.

  • 29 Sep
    Swimming for Years 3 & 4 Week 2 01:30 PM to 02:30 PM

  • 04 Oct
    Inspire Workshop Class 1 - Tree Frogs 09:00 AM to 09:30 AM

    One adult for each child in Class 1 is invited to come in and take part in a fun activity with their child. This could be an experiment, an art or craft activity or who knows?!!

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